Maui Zipline Tours

From the slopes of the West Maui Mountains to the jungles in East Maui, there is no shortage of Maui zipline tours. Discover which excursion is best for you and your family.

Maui Zipline Tours

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Kapalua Zipline

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Kapalua Zipline is home to the largest all-dual zipline course on Maui and the longest and tallest suspension bridge in Hawaii— which towers 1,600 feet above the rainforest floor. Eight lines are nestled on lush mountain slopes above Kapalua, providing stellar views of the West Maui coastline and neighboring islands. Choose between a four-line or six-line excursion, where you can soar side-by-side with your friends or family at up to 55 mph across nearly two miles of cables. Kapalua Zipline excursions also include several thrilling ATV rides around the course.




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North Shore Zipline Co.

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North Shore Zipline Co combines a thrilling zipline adventure with a unique look into lesser-known parts of Maui’s history. Seven ziplines, several suspension bridges, multiple aerial platforms, and a museum make up North Shore Zipline’s compound in Haiku. As you take off from heights of up to 70 feet, you’ll be soaring over what was once known as Camp Maui— the training ground for the most decorated US marines during World War II. In the onsite museum, you’ll find restored WWII vehicles and aircraft, as well as a wealth of historical information.




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Skyline Hawaii

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Skyline Hawaii is one of Hawaii’s most respected zipline companies. Skyline was the first commercial zipline to open in the United States. Today the company features two courses on Maui in Kula and Kaʻanapali. Located on the slopes of Haleakala, the five-line Kula course meanders through a lush cloud forest and features swinging bridges and Hawaii’s only pendulum line, which hangs over a heart-stopping 90-foot drop. Meanwhile, the Kaʻanapali course boasts eight lines and panoramic ocean views. Skyline’s guides are trained in Hawaiian history and culture and readily dispense fascinating information throughout the tour. All staff members also undergo intensive safety training, including CPR and defibrillator training.


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Maui Zipline

Zipline Maui Tours Dual Cables

Located at the Maui Tropical Plantation, Maui Zipline features five lines that zip across verdant tropical gardens, offering unparalleled views of Waikapu Valley and Mount Haleakala. This course is one of the most family-friendly on the island. Lines range from 300 to 900 feet with a maximum height of 50 feet and were explicitly designed to accommodate children 45 pounds and up. Maui Zipline is also one of the few companies to offer side-by-side lines, where guests can zip parallel to each other. The excursion also includes a short tour of the plantation’s tropical flora and fauna.



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Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline

Maui Zipline Tours Flyin Hawaiian

Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline is the top dog of zipline courses on Maui. Known as Hawaii’s longest, fastest, and highest zipline course, Flyin’ Hawaiian features eight lines that stretch across nine valleys in the West Maui Mountains. The longest line clocks in at a whopping 3,600 feet. The adventure starts at the Maui Tropical Plantation, where you’ll take a short 4×4 ride into the heart of Waikapu Valley. As you zip from ridge to ridge, you’ll learn about Maui’s history and culture and plant native plants along the way before ending the excursion in Maʻalaea. The tour runs about 4-5 hours, but memories of the breathtaking views will last a lifetime.



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Jungle Zipline

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Situated in a veritable jungle in Haiku, Jungle Zipline is home to eight ziplines that soar over an unspoiled landscape. The Jurassic Park-like property also boasts two swinging bridges, an 85-foot-long tree-to-tree suspension bridge, and a quick-jump free-fall ride. Two tours are on offer: an eight-line tour and a five-line tour, which are ideal for kids and traveling families. Groups here are small, with up to ten participants to keep things intimate, and the staff demonstrates the utmost professionalism and care for their guests. After the tour, guests can explore the mystical, tropical grounds.



Kapalua Zipline Tours
Kapalua Zipline Tours