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Zipline Maui Frequently Asked Questions


Use the answers to these Maui zipline FAQ’s to get familiar with Maui ziplining, what is required, and how you can have the most fun on your adventure.


Is ziplining safe?

Maui Zipline FAQ EquipmentYes. Ziplining is a very safe activity. Statistically, ziplining is much safer than driving a car or even playing golf! Commercial zipline courses are inspected daily, and many exceed industry safety standards. Zipline guides also undergo extensive safety training. Participants are safely strapped into a harness that is properly fitted and tethered to a galvanized steel cable at all times during the zip.


Are there height and weight requirements for ziplining?

For safety reasons, the maximum weight for many ziplines is 250 pounds. The minimum weight can vary between 40 and 60 pounds, while the minimum height is typically four feet. Zipline participants are usually weighed during check-in to ensure they meet the safety parameters.


Maui Zipline FAQ Arms OutAre there different types of ziplines?

The differences in ziplines boil down to the type of harness used. Some harnesses are “freestyle,” which allow you to spin and maybe do a trick or two— at the discretion of your guide. These are typically used on smaller ziplines. Other ziplines have harnesses that you “sit” in and keep you facing forward. These types of harnesses are usually used on longer, faster ziplines like Flyin’ Hawaiian and Kapalua Zipline.


What type of equipment is used on zipline tours?

Participants are provided with helmets and harnesses. Some harnesses are outfitted with handlebars to hang on to while you zip.


What should I wear to a zipline tour?

Maui Zipline FAQ EquipmentWear comfortable clothes and closed-toed shoes to your zipline tour. It’s also recommended to bring sunglasses and sun protection.


How fast do ziplines go?

Longer ziplines can send you coasting at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Shorter ziplines typically top out between 20-30 miles per hour.


What is a dual-line zipline?

Dual ziplines, not to be confused with tandem ziplines, allow participants to zip side-by-side. Kapalua Zipline and Maui Zipline offer dual-line courses.


Maui Zipline FAQ Dual CablesCan kids zipline?

Yes! Some Maui ziplines are designed for kids as young as five. Other ziplines require participants to be ten years or older.


What is the longest zipline in Maui?

The longest zipline in Maui is the Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline. The Flyin’ Hawaiian course is home to eight ziplines. The longest line totals 3,600 feet. Flyin’ Hawaiian is also the highest and fastest zipline on Maui.


Maui Zipline FAQ KidWhere do you put your phone while ziplining?

It depends on the tour. Some zipline tours allow you to hang on to your phone and record while ziplining— certain companies recommend using a strap to secure your phone during the ride. Other ziplines use harnesses with pockets to safely store your belongings.


How much does it cost to zipline on Maui?

Maui Zipline tours range from around $100 to over $200.


Thank you for checking out our Maui zipline FAQ page, we hope you have a great ziplining experience!


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